Notre Dame Among Many College Campuses Dealing with Sexual Assault

Editor’s note: The names of the sexual assault victims’ names have been changed in accordance with guidelines from the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. By Marie Fazio and Adrianna Fazio Sarah has been a victim of sexual assault several times throughout her past four years at Notre Dame. Looking back, she sees countless …

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Reflecting on #BlackHistoryMonth – Storify

With the conclusion of Black History Month, dozens of Tweets, Facebook Posts, YouTube videos, and news articles had accumulated to commemorate African-American presence in the United States. I used Storify to collaborate all of the forms of media to document the events in the grander history of Black History Month and Black History Month 2017. …

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Best Beaches on Cape Cod

It is undeniable that Cape Cod beaches are international tourist destinations and bucket list attractions. Everyone has their favorite piece of Massachusetts shoreline and it seems that the competition between loyal beach-goers never ceases and the debates never end. Though all are frequented by families, teens, and adults alike, certain beaches are better suited for …

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