Notre Dame | Digital Images Assignment Spring 2018

In the spring of 2018, I was enrolled in The Digital Newsroom – a course dedicated to incorporating all forms of media into journalistic work. One of the assignments was to shoot series of images that fulfilled a common theme.

The first three images are a sequence of dome-shaped figures – Notre Dame’s infamous golden dome juxtaposed with the dome-shaped arches and doorway in the Notre Dame law school.

The subsequent three images are of scenes below eye level – geese grazing in a field, a puppy named Carly staring up at me, and a Black Lab on a stroll.

The third sequence of images were, conversely, of scenes above eye level – Notre Dame’s skyline at sunset, the statue of Jesus in the center of campus, and a close-up of the Basilica at twilight.

The fourth group of images have a dominant color within the frame. I chose to shoot the color green in the depths of winter because glimpses of the color adds vibrancy to the snow-covered landscape throughout the depths of winter. It reminds everyone that winter can only last so long.

The final group of images are all shots of motion – the birds in flight, the squirrel scurrying up the tree, and the puppy taking a stroll.

Though I walk past all of these scenes every day, this assignment was a wonderful way to consider typical moments from an atypical perspective. Additionally, it was another fruitful experience working with a DSLR camera.

These images and captions can be found on my Instagram page: @adrianafazio_nd.




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