Notre Dame Day | Sound Recording Assignment


Dozens of TV screens, blue lights, green balloons, and professional cameramen invaded Notre Dame’s Duncan Student Center on Sunday afternoon. The elaborate set was for the University’s fifth annual Notre Dame Day – a 29 hour fundraising marathon. Many colleges and universities host days dedicated to reaching fundraising goals, but Notre Dame, however, uses their fundraising day to give out money.

Yes – Notre Dame lets donors decided how a 1.1 million dollar fund is divided among Notre Dame groups. Every person who makes a ten dollar gift can distribute fives votes to any Notre Dame organizations. The organizations then collect their portion of the 1.1 million dollar fund based on the amount of votes they receive.

To raise awareness and add to the day’s fervor, performances, interviews, and competitions will be livestreamed on the Notre Dame Day website for 29 continuous hours.

Leah (lay-eh) Corchea (core-ch-ay-eh), a member of the Notre Dame Development team, has been prepping for ND Day for months but will also be on call for the duration of the 29 hour live stream.

“Notre Dame Day is important because it’s a way for us to connect the global Notre Dame family together. We do a 29 hour live stream because it’s a way for us to feature all the fun things going on on campus through the student clubs, um, all the things they’re involved in.”

More information about Notre Dame Day and the voting process can be found on the Notre Dame Day website:

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