World Cup Timeline

The World Cup, the word’s most watched sporting event, gains traction from every corner of the globe. Every four years, the 32 best soccer teams in the world battle for the coveted trophy, the honor, and for their dedicated fans back home. The World Cup history is filled with drama, passion, and underdog stories. To take a look back at the history of the tournament, I created a Timeline to reminisce on some of the most memorable moments.

From own goals to shoe-less social statements, the World Cup has an awing history. Take a peak at the past 87 years and see what you know!

World Cup Timeline

Reflecting on #BlackHistoryMonth – Storify

With the conclusion of Black History Month, dozens of Tweets, Facebook Posts, YouTube videos, and news articles had accumulated to commemorate African-American presence in the United States.
I used Storify to collaborate all of the forms of media to document the events in the grander history of Black History Month and Black History Month 2017.

Black History Month acknowledges the past, present, and future of racial equality. From major news sources to political officials, entertainers, and common people, Black History Month continues to radiate throughout multimedia journalism and social media platforms.

Reflecting on #BlackHistoryMonth

Best Beaches on Cape Cod

It is undeniable that Cape Cod beaches are international tourist destinations and bucket list attractions. Everyone has their favorite piece of Massachusetts shoreline and it seems that the competition between loyal beach-goers never ceases and the debates never end. Though all are frequented by families, teens, and adults alike, certain beaches are better suited for specific audiences.

I have compiled a map of the best beaches on Cape Cod (data provided by with a link to a video of each beach, a description of the clientele, and geographic description.

Whether it be the vast dunes of Welfleet or the rolling Brewster flats, there is a beach for every occasion.

This is a map of the best beaches on Cape Cod. All data was collected from (Map created by Adriana Fazio)


Google Trends – The Oscars and Spring Break Destinations


The slowly approaching 2017 Oscars will be held Sunday, February 26th, and thus commences two weeks filled with commentary, controversy, and a sudden interest in the film arts. The 2017 nominees for Best Picture include Manchester By The SeaArrivalLa La Land, and Hidden Figures.

Using Google Trends, I compared the Google search interest  of these four films in comparison to Spotlight, the Best Picture winner in 2016. Over the past 30 days, La La Land and Hidden Figures have clearly gained the most traction of the four nominees, followed by a consistent interest in Spotlight. Arrival and Manchester By The Sea have a seemingly lower interest rate, but are still notoriously popular and strong contenders. Due to technical limitations, FencesHacksaw RidgeHell Or High WaterLion, and Moonlight (the other nominees) are left out of the graphic.

Covering a wide array of interests and social issues, the 2017 nominees encompass a variety of audiences. However, the energy surrounding all aspects of La La Land is undeniably reflected in the search interest over time. It will be interesting to to compare the Academy’s verdicts with the people’s searches; will there be correlation with the two? To be decided on Oscar Sunday: February 26th 7 P.M. Est on ABC.

View the Google Trend graph yourself!



Though February brings the perfect weather to binge watch all of the Oscar Nominees, it also breeds a strong disdain for snow, sleet, wind chill, and grey skies. Not quite the turning point for early spring, the 28 days seem to endlessly drag on. With my own mind thinking towards spring break, I used Google Trends to compare search interest in five popular warm weather destinations: Palm Springs (CA), Palm Beach (FL), Daytona Beach (FL), Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), and the Outer Banks (NC).

All five destinations usually attract different crowds. Daytona Beach is the home to the infamous “college spring break” experience, Palm Beach (though undeniably a fun scene) attracts families as well. Palm Springs is usually aimed at an older crowd, but since it is home to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, it has become a more popular destination.

Cabo San Lucas is frequented by students from Southern California and Arizona (a warm beach just a short plane ride away) and the Outer Banks are a universal favorite and a bucket list vacation. Though the varying crowds, Palm Beach is clearly gaining the most consistent interest this winter. The peak interest in Palm Springs occurred in mid-January: the week the Coachella Line-Up was revealed. Cabo, Daytona, and the “OBX” still sound like lovely trips, but they do not seem to be the hot commodity this spring break season.

View the Google Trend graph yourself!